Here you can place your order for a berimbau from my friend and master craftsman Mestre Olavo.  He is always glad to hear that we love his work, so know your are getting an excellent berimbau that will only improve with time.

A few things to understand:

  1. The instrument we call the berimbau is, by default, a one of a kind product.  Do not expect to pull one off the shelf and have it be the same as the one next to it.  They are a combination of natural, organic (not like the food) elements that are never identical.  This gives the instrument its magic.
  2. The berimbau that you specify in your order may or may not be exactly what you end up with when I bring them back.  They are subject to the conditions of the land and forests of Bahia, Brasil.  For example, in recent years past, drought affected the availability of certain types of wood and the cabaças (gourds) used for berimbau.
  3. The exchange rate is always changing and plays a role in the final price.  If something unforeseen were to occur (this is rare, but is being included to be fair) then your price for the berimbau will be subject to change.
  4. Passing through US customs is always a factor.  Though I have never had a problem, and there is absolutely NOTHING illegal about a berimbau, the instrument's unique look and nature sometimes makes it a target for uninformed customs agents.  I have seen multiple cases first hand where someone has tried to bring the instrument back from Brasil and had them confiscated at a loss (again this is rare).
  5. MOST IMPORTANT:  I bring them back so you will use them.  Many people in the world know and treasure Mestre Olavo's work, so make him proud by learning to play his instruments in the roda.
  6. In the event that somthing were to occur, and I am not able to bring back your instrument(s), wherever and whenever possible, you will be refunded in full.

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