Thanks for paying your dues online

Paying your monthly dues online is fast, safe, and secure. Our payment processor provides the highest security standards and accepts most major credit and debit cards.  We can even do an electric funds transfer from the checking account of your choice (please ask Professor Guatambu about this or contact us).  Your details are used soley for the purposes of the billing and account process. Your details are safe and will not be passed onto third parties or used for any purpose other than those already stated.  

How it works

We offer various payment plans that will debit your chosen account on your choice of either the 1st or the 15th of the month.     Please be aware...     choose the day that is best for you.  

For your convenience, our membership options are all based on a transaction that will automatically reoccur each month with no upfront payment required.     Please be aware...     the membership duration you choose will renew automatically at the end of its duration unless you give us 30 days notice prior to the end of your subscription.     For example...     if you choose our option of a 6 month duration, after 6 months it will renew for another 6 month duration.  This is how we can pass the savings on to you each month.  We want to make it as affordable as possible for you, so please thoroughly review our many options below to find what best meets your needs.

You are making a difference by choosing to pay your dues online.  You help keep our community healthy by reducing waste while allowing us to keep better records and efficiently respond to your needs. 

Choose the best fit for you

We offer various options depending on your specific situation and goals.  For those students under the age of 18, we offer our Verde plans.  

For those of you over the age of 18 and in school at least 6 hours a week, for at least 30 weeks each year, we offer our student or Amarelo plans.  

Our regular student fees are described in the Azul plans.

For those of you that have served in the military or are currently working as a professional educator, please take advantage of our Branco plan.


Our goal is to reward your commitment to capoeira and to yourself by saving you money each month when you choose our 6 Month, or even more with our 12 month plan.

Music / Maculelê Class

This class is an excellent way to build your skills in capoeira music and the stick dance of Maculelê.  This class meets on Saturdays at 1pm for 50 minutes, and we work on different aspects of capoeira's musical landscape each week.  We alternate each week between capoeira music and Maculelê.

In the music class, each student is encouraged to bring their at home musical practice into the music class where they are given specific areas to work on for the week as homework to be reviewed in the next class.

Maculelê is a warrior stick dance that has been part of the capoeira universe for many years.  If you would like to find out more about Maculelê please click here.

Our Capoeira Music / Maculelê class is included in your monthly dues at no additional charge. 

The Lab

Open to all students, The Lab class provides a remarkable opportunity to broaden your capoeira skill set.  This class includes both instruction in acrobatic elements in a safe and fun environment, as well as open gym time to experiment with moves of your own.  It is currently once a week on Saturdays from 2:00-4:00pm and is included in your monthly dues at no additional charge.


Capoeira Class Monthly Payment Options 


Verde (kids under 18 years of age)


Standard Month Agreement : $60.00USD - billed monthly

6 Month Agreement : $50.00USD - billed monthly

12 Month Agreement : $45.00USD - billed monthly


Amarelo (students 18+ yrs.)


Standard Month Agreement : $130.00USD - billed monthly

4 Month Semester Agreement : $120.00USD - billed monthly

6 Month Agreement : $115.00USD - billed monthly

9 Month Academic School Year Agreement : $105.00USD - billed monthly

12 Month Agreement : $95.00USD - billed monthly


Azul (18+ yrs.)


Standard Month Agreement : $150.00USD - billed monthly

6 Month Agreement : $125.00USD - billed monthly

12 Month Agreement : $105.00USD - billed monthly


Branco (Teachers & Military)

12 Month Agreement:  $85.00USD - billed monthly


Please click here to complete you waiver online before your first class.

If you have a question... please contact us.