This one reminds me of Mestre Rã...  We worked on Miudinho a lot when Mestre Rã was living in Berkeley.  

Here we see Mestre Suassuna on the berimbau, and Contra Mestres Kibe and Muriel playing the game of miudinho.  They open with one of the sequencias of miudinho.  "Miudinho", in portuguese, is the diminutive of the word "miudo" which translates to small, so "miudinho" translates to super small.  

This game is meant to be played in small spaces.  Some of the important elements of the game of Miudinho are the fun and excellent quality of movement well displayed here.

I have been told that Mestre Suassuna developed the game of miudinho because he missed seeing the great games of capoeira that he remembered seeing in the past.  It is inspired by a game from the past called "dois por dois" that capoeiristas used to play.  Mestres João Grande and João Pequeno can be seen playing this game in a older film by one of Mestre Bimba's students, Jair Moura.  "Dois por dois" translates to 2 by 2, and the game was played in a space of 2 by 2 (meters is my guess).

If you recall, Mestre Penteado came last year on a Saturday for a workshop, and we did Miudinho with him.  It was fun and pretty challenging!