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Suíngue is a word that is not easy to translate because it describes a human phenomenon. 

From an article describing fashion in Rio de Janeiro by Claudia Garcia,

... o mix de sensualidade, conforto e criatividade, com muitas cores e estampas... É o suingue, o jeito de andar e o samba no pé, a maquiagem natural e o alto astral.

the mix of sensuality, comfort and creativity, with many colors and prints ... It is the suíngue, the way one walks and the samba in their feet, natural makeup and high spirits.

While she may describing fashion, she is also using words to put her finger on something that is not a tangible object or event.  It is a combination of human elements and phenomena.

The word comes from our word swing, and more specifically swing music and dancing.  It has come into more popular use in capoeira and Brasil because it is a way of describing the groove, vibe, or rhythm.

A way of thinking about suíngue is to think about how your body wants to move when the music is good.  The suíngue is that groove that anyone and everyone can plug into.  When a party is great, the music is good, the vibe is great, and the dance floor is full of people dancing and having a great time, then the suíngue is there. 

If you think of the expression we have, "get into the swing of things" then you are on your way to understanding suínge.

Of course there is the Brazilian spin on it.  Think of the way a great samba dancer moves, a great capoeira game happens...  These are a combinaiton of the music, the groove/vibe, the talent and ability of those doing the physical, and then combine that with that sense of losing oneself in the music, moment, and shared experience of all that are there.


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