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São Bento Grande de Regional



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From Wikipedia...

A note on notation:

Berimbau Quarter Note.JPG = Open berimbau tone. The arame is struck with the dobrão open and the cabaça away from the stomach for a low note, or dobrão pressing firmly for a high note. In this notation, notes that are unfilled are played unmuted rather than representing a half note.
Berimbau Muted Quarter Note.JPG = Muted berimbau note (cabaça is held against the body).
Berimbau Buzzed Quarter Note.JPG = A buzz (strike the arame with the dobrão resting lightly on the arame and the cabaça against the body)
Berimbau Eighth Notes.JPG Berimbau Single Eighth Note.JPG Double and single eighth notes. An eight note is 1/2 a beat.
Berimbau Slur.JPG = A slur (press the dobrão against the arame without striking with the other hand)
Berimbau Quarter Note Rest.JPG = A quarter note rest (1 beat)
Berimbau Eighth Note Rest.JPG = An eighth note rest (1/2 a beat)
Berimbau Rhythm Meter.JPG = Shows the basic pulse underneath the bar for comparison. Four boxes = 1 beat


From The Filhos de Bimba Escola de Capoeira (FBEC) Toronto's website...

A gifted berimbau player - some say one of the best in Bahia - Bimba stressed the importance of music in capoeira, both in the creation of the roda and in the games themselves. The move away from music in modern day capoeira (often referred to as Regional, but more accurately described as a Contemporary style) is a consequence of the changes brought about by some of Bimba’s students and their descendants, and does not reflect his own philosophy.