An instrument analogus to the berimbau...

The kalumbu is a one-stringed musical bow, the ancient origins of which lie with the San people. In Zambia only found amongst the Ba-Tonga and Ba-Ila peoples of Southern Province. Chris Haambwiila, born in 1947, is an Ila from Chitongo village and one of the best kalumbu players to be found. Another traditional instrument in danger of disappearing, recorded here by Michael Baird in 2008 with essential assistance from Mrs. Esnart Mweemba. Check out to purchase unique music from eastern, central & southern Africa - SWP 010 'Kalimba and Kalumbu Songs' features this instrument recorded in the 1950s. Filmed by Rogier Kappers and Boudewijn Koole.

Yes the kalumbu, or okambulumbumbwe as it is known in neighbouring Namibia, got 'exported' to Brazil where it has become famous as the berimbau. You see, the Portuguese operating from their enclave Luanda on the coast, asked the Tschokwe people to get them slaves in exchange for guns. The Tschokwe raided the peoples in the interior - Luba, Kanyok, Lunda, Ila - and those musical cultures went over to the nordeste of Brazil.



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