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In honor of the passing of Mestre João Pequeno, we take a look at the ladainha that he was known for...


Quando Eu Aqui Cheguei


Quando eu aqui cheguei (2x)

KWAHN-dooh ehoo AH-key sheh-GHEY

When I came here

A todos eu vim louvar

Ah TOH-doohs ehoo veenh loh-VARH

I came to  praise everyone here

Vim louvar a Deus primeiro

Veenh loh-VARH ah dehoos pree-MEY-rooh

I came to praise God first

E os moradores deste lugar

Ee oos moh-rahDOH-rees DEHS-teeh looh-GARH

And the residents of this place

Agora eu tou cantando

Ah-GOH-rah ehoo toh kahn-TAHN-dooh

Now I'm singing

Cantando dando louvor

Kahn-TAHN-dooh DAHN-dooh loh-VARH

Singing, giving praise

Tou louvando a Jesus Cristo (2x)

Toh loh-VAHN-dooh ah ZHEH-zoos KREES-tooh

I am praising Jesus Christ

Porque nós abençoou

PORH-key noise ah-behn-sooh-OH

Because he has blessed us

Tou louvando e tou rogando

Toh loh-VAHN-dooh ee toh hoh-GAHN-dooh

I'm praying and imploring

Ao pai que nós criou

Ow pie key noise kree-OH

To the father who created us

Abençoe essa cidade (2x)

Ah-behn-SOHEE EHS-sah see-DAH-gee

Bless this city

Com todos seus moradores

Konh TOH-doos sehoos moh-rah-DOH-rees

With all its residents

E na roda de capoeira

Ee nah HOH-dah dee kah-pooh-EY-rah

And in the capoeira roda

Abençoe os jogadores

Ah-behn-SOHEE oos zhoh-gah-DOH-rees

 Bless players



My good friend