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Balão translates literally to balloon with the plural being Balões.

However, that is not what we ususally think of when we refer to a Balão in the capoeira context.

In the capoeira context, a balão, of which there are various, is a type of partner throw that involves acrobatic skills to be developed by both partners that participate in the skill.  Mestre Bimba added various balões to his capoeira regional.   He also a sequence of balões that are known as the 'cintura desprezada’ sequence which is a series of ‘balões acinturados’, that graduated students perform while the rhythm of Iúna is played on the berimbau.

It is easier to show them via video than to try and explain them with words.

Have a look... 

This is a long time student of Mestre Bimba's, Mestre Boinha, and his student doing the balões of the cintura desprezada.