This week:  Dueling Berimbaus from inside and outside of the world of capoeira.

From outside...

Madosini Manqina - Queen of South Africa's Pondoland Music

Madosini, from Langa township outside Cape Town South Africa, is a master story-teller, composer and musician. 

Treating audiences to traditions passed down from generation to generation, Madosini was filmed here playing the Uhadi and Umrhubhe - Rhodes Memorial September 2005.

Naná Vasconcelos

This was brought to us by own our Arquimendes.

From Recife, Brasil, Naná Vasconcelos is a master of percussion, improvisation, and, of course the berimbau.


From inside...

From São Paulo, Brasil, Mestre Suassuna is a world reknown mestre of capoeira.  He also happens to be a gifted musician.

On a contextual note, he is Profesor Xará's mestre (whose batizado we are going to tomorrow SAturday Feb. 11, 2011) in that Mestre Suassuna is the founder of the capoeira group Corão de Ouro which has schools worldwide.  

Of course this list would not be complete without our own mestre, Mestre Acordeon.  

Born in Salvador, Bahia, Brasil, and now living in Berkeley, CA, Mestre is a world reknown musician, teacher, and capoeirista as you all know.