Great news!

We have begun an exciting relaionship with Cirque School in Hollywood.  Now we will be able to offer our students who opt-in for Acro-Capoeira class the opportunity to develop their acrobtic expression in capoeira.  This new class includes a mix of instruction and free practice over 90 minutes!  

Now we have a safe and fun environment to take our capoeira to even greater heights! (no pun intended)

The class will be 2-4 Saturdays a month, depending on scheduling, and will be after our regularly scheduled music and capoeira classes.

The classes are only $30 a month!  We ask each of us make a 3 month commitment, billed monthly just like your monthly capoeira class dues.  This allows for us to ensure our ability to offer the classes.  For the record, this is barely more than the cost of a single acrobatics class anywhere here in LA.  Incredible gang!  I hope you are all as excited as I am!  Click here to enroll