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From Espantalho...

Literally translates to flourish. It's fancy moves like acrobatics that make your game look nice.


From article What is the role of acrobatics? Written by Shayna McHugh...


Floreio means "flourish" and refers to movements that are pleasing to the eye, but that could leave the capoeirista vulnerable. The original purpose of floreios was to confuse, trick, or deceive the other player. A floreio can make your partner think that you're vulnerable when in reality you're not, or make them think that you'll move one way when in fact you'll do something different.

Although acrobatics fall into the category of floreios, the term floreio actually refers to a much wider class of movements than just flips. There are grounded floreios (such as relógio, pião de mão, and pião de cabeça). A floreio does not even have to be spectacular: Mestre Decânio, a student of Mestre Bimba, describes floreios as any movement designed to trick the opponent, including simple things like unpredictable arm maneuvers.


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