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"Tem que Ter Axé"

Mestre Suassuna Cordão de Ouro

o quem vem lá

oh cane vein lah

oh who comes there



quem vem lá, sou eu; capoeira de valor

cane vein lah soh eh/oo, kah-pooh-EH-rah dee vah-LOHR

who comes there, it's me; capoeira of worth (worthy capoeira is literal...  it's like awesome, cool, etc.)

eu vou jogar capoeira que meu mestre me ensinou

eh/oo voh zhoh-GAHR kah-pooh-EH-rah kee meh/oo MESS-tree mee ehn-see-NOH

i am going to play capoeira the way my my teacher taught me

olha pega, derruba, levanta ligeiro

OHL-yah PEH-gah deh-HOO-bah leh-VAHN-tah lee-ZHEH-roo

look it (capoeira/capoeirista) catches the guy, takes him down, gets back up with agility

só entra na roda quem é mandingueiro

soh EHN-trah nah HAW-dah cane eh mahn-jing-GEH-rooh

only go in the roda if you you are a mandingueiro

capoeira é para homem, menino, e mulher

kah-pooh-EH-rah eh PAH-rah OH-mehng meh-NEE-noo ee mool-YEHR

capoeira is for man, child, and woman

pra entrar nessa roda, tem que ter axé

prah EHN-trarh NESS-sah HAW-dah tehng kee terh ah-SHEH

in order to enter this roda, you have to have axé



tem que ter axé; tem que ter axé

tehng kee terh ah-SHEH tehng kee terh ah-SHEH

you have to have axé; you have to have axé