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Mulher Barbada



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I brought this back from Bahia, if you're lucky you will get to try some. ;)

From Mestre Itapoan's book "The Saga of Mestre Bimba" pg. 73 ...

     It was always exciting to see Mestre (Bimba) on the afternoon of the formatura day, dressed in all in white and wearing a whistle around his neck.  He was happy, joking with everyone and handing out fines to the students who arrived late or those whose godmothers (madrinhas) had not yet arrived.  A stident who was "fined" was required to buy drinks for the students who had already reached the formado level.  The drink could be a beer or itmight be a Mulher Barbada - a drink that only Mestre Bimba knew how to prepare.*  The size of the fine depended on the degreee of the error or offense committed.
* This was an alcoholic drink Mestre Bimba invented.  The name means "Bearded Lady."