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Professor literally translates to "teacher, instructor, professor, master, or schoolteacher" in English. 

In capoeira  we see it used as a title for an individual that has graduated from their school's teaching system and is teaching capoeira classes.

It is interesting to note, that you will hear it used in Portuguese in many different settings of instruction.  It is almost a universal term of respect for the teacher. 

I am going to share another bit of personal experience here. 

It is interesting to note, that I have heard Professor used in a class setting, and then, for the same person, outside that class setting I have heard people use Mestre.  The use of the word Mestre, in this case, was more community driven.  This matches up with Mestre Acordeon's experience, and the experiences of other mestres that have been in capoeira for a long time.

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