This feature is designed to spark your interest in researching the world of capoeira's vocabulary, history, and philosophy.

Our Capoeira Wiki-Word series invites you to research the word of the week and post your definition(s) and translations. At the end of each week, the entries will be reviewed and then summarized into a translation and a definition of the Capoeira Wiki-Word of the week.

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This is nothing short of a very informal word.

When we look to put our finger on a translation find the literal comes from the word "molas" which means springs.  This comes fromt he Aurélio Portuguese dictionary.

The act of springs bouncing or a group of springs and the action of their motion.  Say what?

We have to go a bit deeper, and further because this doesn't really help us.  Case in point...

What the heck does a group of springs have to do with this?

Well, in exploring this with my family and trying to put a finger on a definition, they come up with "body swing."

Molejo is that swaying of the hips and body when someone has a lot of mobility in body like these guys have above.  You can see it these two capoeiristas, Contramestre Fábio and Contramestre Molejo in the video below.

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