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Trajetória  literally translates to the word "trajectory" in English.


The way it is used a lot in capoeira and other aspects of Brazilian culture involves someone's path or progression within an discipline or art. 

Let's say you were able to sit down with Mestre Bimba and interview him.  One of the first questions you might well ask about his time in capoeira area would be, "Como foi sua trajetória na capoeira?" 

This would be like asking him, "Tell about how you got into capoeira, who your trained with, and the things you remember that got you where you are today."

You would be opening up an opportunity for the person to tell you their history in the art.  A long story, but a chance for a great one because it could encompass many years, as it would for a Mestre in capoeira. 

Unfortunately, trajetória is an abstract concept, in that there is no picture of someone's trajetória to take or even show since it's going to be a series of events that make up a life.  (If yo can think of a way to use pictures, then please post some in the comments)

The main point is that it is a great way to ask someone (a Mestre or Mestra) to tell their story to you.