This feature is designed to give you functional training tools for your off days when you are not training capoeira. We will be looking at various exercises that we will have as resources for you to devise a strategy for your overall physical development as a capoeirista.

The goals are:

Overall Physical Health

Promoting Longevity

Improved Performance in your capoeira training and game


Like many other people I know, I had stopped eating fish as a regular part of my diet due to concerns about mercury levels in the fish and mercury poisoning.  Recently I found a great way to include fish in my diet again, and I am excited to share it with you here. Fish is an excellent source of protein, omega-3's and many other vital nutrients.


First...  The size of the fish will tell you a lot.  Larger fish are generally older fish which means they have time to accumulate mercury in their bodies.  Small fish are younger and generally speaking will have a shorter lifespan and generally less mercury.

Second...  Where the fish comes from.  Wild caught is always best, and any fish you get needs to say the entire phrase "Wild Caught."  This is especially true for salmon.

Third...  How the fish was caught.  Troll and pole caught fish are caught using shallower water techniques, and generally speaking are smaller fish which goes back to point one.

Fourth...  The species of fish.  It's natural tendencies (what it eats, etc.) will tell you a lot about whether it is safe to eat. 


Personally, I am experimenting with four kinds of fish, and enjoying it!  I am limiting myself to the strictest standards of low mercury levels and sustainable fishing practices. 

Those of you wth an iPhone, there is an application called "Seafood Watch" put out by the Monterey Bay Aquarium that gives a wealth of information.  I am eating fish on the "Super Green List" in the app.

The video below gives a general guieline.  There are also some ways to ensure taht you are eating fish that is low in mercury.



Mercury And Fish : Which fish are typically low... by VideojugHealthWellbeing

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