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From Vagalume's research...

This information was gathered from google.translate and from Mestre Adelmo at:

"Emboscada" means Ambush. At it seems there were actual specific movements that Mestre Bimba had that were derived from the type of fight a solo Capoeiraista would use if he was cornered. The movements were meant to be quick and odebilitating so as to give the Capoeiraista the opportunity to run and escape.


From Riso's research...


Mestre Bimba was preparing you for the roda but also for everyday life, to defend yourself from violence.

According to Mestre Itapoã, the Curso de Especialização lasted for three months, two at the gym and one in the forests of the Chapada do Rio Vermelho, where the "emboscada" took place, the high point of this stage of the course: "It was a real war, actual training of guerrillas."

During these ambushes, students of the Mestre Bimba broke fences, invaded homes, all to defend themselves in anyway. (Almeida,1982:27).

"There was also training with weapons: knife, straight edge razor, stick, machete and revolver. (Adams, 1982:27)