This feature is designed to give you functional training tools for your off days when you are not training capoeira. We will be looking at various exercises that we will have as resources for you to devise a strategy for your overall physical development as a capoeirista.

The goals are:

Overall Physical Health

Promoting Longevity

Improved Performance in your capoeira training and game


So this week we take a look at coconut water.  Just to give you a reason why this week, I happen to have eaten something not so good the other day.  Haven't been right since.  Drinking lots of coconut water to help maintain and clear my system just like my cousin, a respected doctor in Brazil, always recommends. 

From the introductory to the more specific.

To be fair, take the health claims with a grain of salt, but there are generations of anecdotal evidence to support the fact that coconut water is a great natural sports drink.




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