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Literally translated, the word porrada means:


batida, colisão ou briga com contato físico

hit, crash or quarrel with physical contact

This word has an interesting use.  My first exposure to it in capoeira ocurred in Rio de Janeiro and Grupo Senzala Capoeira at the center in the neighborhood of Leme.

Mestre Peixinho told me to "Da uma porrada neste atabaque."  It was my first time seeing Mestre Peixinho in Rio, and my introduction to him was his request for me to hit his atabaque so the stand would come off the bottom. 

Porrada can be used to describe a physical strike, and it can be used to describe the impact of something like rain in a downpour, or a cold breeze, or things like that. 

This word is not to be confused with another word that is quite popular among capoeiristas.  If you need to ask what word then forget what I said above.

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