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The literal translation of discípulo is "disciple."  It's one thing to be a student, and another to be a disciple.


From Mestre Bimba's album Curso de Capoeira Regional...


Iê quem foi seu mestre?

Ee-YAY kehnh foy seh/ooh MES-tree

Iê who was your mestre?

Menino quem foi seu mestre

Meh-NEEHNH-nooh kehnh foy seh/ooh MES-tree

Kid who was your mestre?

Meu mestre foi Salomão

Meh/ooh MES-tree foy Sah-loh-MOWNH

My mestre was Solomon 

Sou discípulo que aprende 

Soh deeh-SEEH-plooh keeh ah-PREHN-deeh

I am a disciple that learns

Sou mestre que dou lição 

Soh MEHS-treeh keeh doh leeh-SOWNH

I am a teacher that gives lessons

Ô mestre quem me ensinou

Oh MES-treeh kehnh meeh ehn-seeh-NOH

Oh mestre that taught me

Engenho da Conçeição

Enh-JEHNH-yooh dah kohnh-sey-SOWNH

Engenho da Conçeição (this is reportedly the name of a local prison)

Ao ele eu devo dinheiro

Ow EEH-leeh eh/ooh DEH-vooh deehnh-YEH-rooh

I owe him money

Saúde, obrigação

Sah-OOH-jeeh, oh-breeh-gah-SOWNH

Health, obligation

Segredo de São Cosme

Seh-GREH-dooh deeh sownh KAWZ-meeh

Secret of Saint Cosme

Quem sabe é São Damião, camará 

Kehnh SAH-beeh eh/ah Sownh dah-meeh-OWNH, kah-mah-RAH

Who knows is Saint Damian, my friend

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