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Literally translated, Valeu means "it was worth it."

It comes from the verb valer which translates "to earn" or "to be worth it."

From the Portuguese Language Blog...

It is slang and has specific uses.

1. Thanks!

Valeu is slang for "thanks."  You won't use it to thank your grandmother, but you would use it with your friends and such.  It's not a curse word or anything, it's just slang.

Boy 1: Pode me dar uma carona? Can you give me a ride?

Boy 2: Claro, vamos. Sure, let's go.

Boy 1: Valeu! Thanks!

2. OK? OK.

Valeu can also be used as a question and response... “OK?” and the response “OK."

Waiter: Depois eu trago sua comida, valeu? After I bring your food, ok?

Customer: Valeu. Ok.

3. Goodbye/Later

Valeu is also slang for goodbye, on the phone or in person.

Man 1: Valeu então. Later then.

Man 2: Valeu. Later.