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Vivencia is another one of those words in Portuguese that doesn't directly translate to English.  Perhaps you may find a literal translation, something like "experiences."  That would be like giving someone a definition of water as "something wet."  Obviously there is more to it.

Vivencia is life experience that you felt, and/or learned something from...  that made a deep impression upon you...  that stayed with you.

To insert my own idea on this here, it's what I miss the most about being a student of capoeira.  I miss time with my mestre where maybe something or maybe nothing was going on, and you are just around that person.  Life experiences and life lessons are shared during these times. 

They say that fishing is a great way to spend time with a child.  It's not the success of catching the fish that makes it great.  It's the time together, going to the water, setting up your fishing gear, casting the line, being in the natural environment, waiting with anticipation for a fish to bite, having stories to tell, things to remember. 

This is vivencia, and in capoeira it's invaluable. 

Iê Viva Meus Mestres!