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Our Capoeira Wiki-Word series invites you to research the word of the week and post your definition(s) and translations. At the end of each week, the entries will be reviewed and then summarized into a translation and a definition of the Capoeira Wiki-Word of the week.

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This week's Capoeira Wiki-Word is:


Cais da Bahia



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I love this video, so please bear with the fact that it has been posted before.

This video is another repost, but shows what the Cais da Bahia was famous for.

One more classic.


The words "Cais da Bahia" literally translate to "dock of the bay," but that is like saying "Yankee Stadium" is a stadium for people from the Northeastern part of the US.

As with all of these Wiki-Words, there is more to the story.

The videos above give insight into what the Cais da Bahia was famous for in Bahia and in the capoeira context.