You submit the songs. We show you the lyrics, translation, and give some phonetic spelling to help your pronunciation.

The format works like this:

The lyrics in Portuguese are in bold

The phonetic spelling for pronunciation is in italics with the STRESSED SYLLABLES IN ALL CAPITALS with syllables se-pa-ra-ted by dash-es

The English translation is in regular text


O Que o Caranguejo Sabe


O Aratú

Ooh ah-rah0-TOOH

The Aratú (the name of this species of crab)


Sabe correr

SAH-beeh koh-HEHRH

Knows how to run


O Sirí

Ooh seeh-REEH

Aratú (the name of this species of crab)


Sabe esconder

SAH-beeh ehs-KOHN-dehrh

Knows how to hide


O gajé com seu puã

Ooh gah-ZHEY cohnh seh/ooh pooh-AHNH

The gajé (a kind of crab) with its claw


Sabe chamar a maré

SAH-beeh shah-MAHRH ah mah-REH

Knows how to call the tide