This feature is designed to give you functional training tools for your off days when you are not training capoeira.  We will be looking at various excercises, tools, and resources that we will have as resources for you to devise a strategy for your overall physical development as a capoeirista.

The goals will be:

Overall Physical Health

Promoting Longevity

Improved Performance in your capoeira training and game


Some wisdom form my cycling days about your joints and colder weather...  from




When it's cool out, for goodness sake cover     your knees! Sure it feels good on a warm, sunny day to glide     along on one's personal freedom machine with the air flowing     over bare skin. When warm, your parts are most elastic. The muscles     around the knee relax more between contractions, contributing     to a limber feel. Warm synovial fluid, your knee's lubricant,     is also less viscous. Lubricants work best when warm (and chocolate     flavoured, but that's another story).


Why on cool, sometimes foggy, sometimes     rainy mornings is it common to see riders pedaling stoically     along with helmet cover, Gortex jacket and shorts!? When you     cycle in adverse weather your knees are right out in the worst     of it. Western theory recognizes that working connective tissues     cold can cause micro-tears. Cartilage in particular has very     little blood flow and heals slowly. Once roughened, cartilage     tends to get worse rather than better and surgery to cut away     the roughened portion may only provide temporary relief. Traditional     Chinese medicine describes the effect of cold, damp and wind     as "pernicious chi", a description that to my experience     feels right. The insidious harm that may result can lead to chronic     conditions of the sort we generalize as tendonitis and arthritis.


How cold is too cold? The only person brash     enough to put a figure on it has been Noel O'hagan who told me     years ago never to cycle with bare knees below 20 celcius. This     is pretty warm, but keep in mind that on even a small descent     your knees may be subject to a 50 kmh wind. I think it better     to err on the side of caution and wear at least light tights     when it's below 20 out. If I'm going to out ride the Four Horsemen     I'll need my knees.