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Consciência literally translates to "awareness" in English. 

Recently, we have heard Mestre Acordeon using that word, "awareness," as a one word definition of capoeira in the English language.

For a capoeirista, awareness is required on many profound human levels.  All of which come together to enrich a human being's life and self in pretty remarkable ways. 

To begin with, one's awareness expands to take in what's going on in and around the roda.  What is the person in charge doing, who are the people that are good at capoeira here, how do they play,  what tendencies might they have in their game. Then, your awareness extends to what your partner/opponent is doing in the game, wherever they may be.  Then, the capoeirista needs to be aware of their space, the space in the roda, where the people that are sitting in the roda are.  Then that awareness expands to include the music, its tempo, type of rhythm, and groove or feel.  Then it expands to include the song and what the song might mean at any given moment.  Then the strength of the chorus.  Then the berimbau to start and stop the game.  and it goes on...

How do you measure this, or qualify all this?  It's remarkable isn't it?