This feature is designed to spark your interest in researching the world of capoeira's vocabulary, history, and philosophy.

Our Capoeira Wiki-Word series invites you to research the word of the                   week and post your definition(s) and translations. At   the     end    of      each    week, the entries will be reviewed and   then      summarized   into  a        translation and a definition of   the  Capoeira     Wiki-Word  of  the   week.

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Tambor literally translates to the word "drum" in English. 

We know there is a great deal more to it than that given the role of the drum in Afro-Brazilian culture.  From samba, to capoeira, to candomblê, to maculelê, and on to many more manifestations of Afro-Brazilian culture, the drum plays a central role. 

What can you find out about drums in these art forms?

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