This feature is designed to give you functional training tools for your off days when you are not training capoeira.  We will be looking at various excercises, tools, and resources that we will have as resources for you to devise a strategy for your overall physical development as a capoeirista.

The goals will be:

Overall Physical Health

Promoting Longevity

Improved Performance in your capoeira training and game

Part 2/2 on our look at some exercises for our feet.   


from some barefoot experts at vibram five fingers...


2-week strength training program.

Now that you have begun to familiarize yourself with your feet, you’ve probably noticed that they are pretty weak. Maybe it’s hard to spread or control your toes? Perhaps being barefoot for an extended amount of time leaves your feet sore or tired? To safely begin the transition to wearing Vibram FiveFingers® for barefoot running and fitness, we highly recommend the following foot strengthening exercises.

Practice the exercises below in 3 sets of 20 reps, 3-5X/week for 2 weeks. Your feet may feel tired afterwards, but you should not be in pain. Ultimately, this series of exercises will be part of your warm-up routine.

1. Heel raise

2. Toe grip

3. Dorsi/plantar flexion

4. Toe spread/tap

5. Exaggerated eversion/inversion

6. Grabbing a towel on the floor with toes and pass to other foot

7. Walking in FiveFingers: never underestimate the power of just being barefoot or in FiveFingers. One- to two-hour intervals of general day-to-day activity in your FiveFingers is an excellent way to slowly build the small muscles in the feet and ankles.