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From dicionário inFormal...

Act or effect of resist.
Force that opposes the other, which does not give in to another.
Force that defends an organism from illness, fatigue, hunger, etc.
That which is opposed to the displacement of a moving body.

We can think of a direct translation from Português to English being resistance and/or endurance.

In the capoeira context, we run into it when looking at capoeira's history of slave resistance to their Portuguese masters.  Resistance in the form of directly taking up arms against them, escaping from the plantations, mines, harsh manual labor conditions and bondage, holding on to their culture in the face of the attempts to exterminate whatever identity or references from their homes back in their respective parts Africa, and many others along these lines.

Endurance comes into play into one's general level of fitness and stamina.

Also, in the capoeira context, resistência is a movement of defense and transition seen below by the figure on the right.