You submit the songs.  We show you the lyrics, translation, and give some phonetic spelling to help your pronunciation.

The format works like this:

The lyrics in Portuguese are in bold

The phonetic spelling for pronunciation is in italics with the STRESSED SYLLABLES IN ALL CAPITALS with syllables se-pa-ra-ted by dash-es

The English translation is in regular text.


Amanhã É Dia Santo


Amanhã é Dia Santo

PEAh-mah-NYAHHN eh/ah DEEH-ah SAHN-tooh

Tomorrow is holy day



Um, dois, três

Oohnh, doyz, trehs

1, 2, 3


Dia de Corpo de Deus

DEEH-ah deeh KOHRH-pooh deeh deh/oohs

Day of the body of God



Três, três, seis

Trehs, trehs, seys

3, 3, 6


Quem tem roupa vai pra missa

Kehnh tehnh HOH-pah vaye prah MEEH-sah

Who has clothes goes to mass



Seis, três, nove

Seys, trehs, NOH-veeh

6, 3, 9


Quem não tem faz como eu

Kehnh nowhnh tehnh fayez KOH-mooh eh/ooh

Who doesn't have them, does it like me



Nove, três, doze

NOH-veeh, trehs, DOH-zeeh

9, 3, 12