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No Fundo do Mar


Capoeira Song of the Week: No Fundo do Mar

You submit the songs.  We show you the lyrics, translation, and give some phonetic spelling to help your pronunciation.

The format works like this:

The lyrics in Portuguese are in bold

The phonetic spelling for pronunciation is in italics with the STRESSED SYLLABLES IN ALL CAPITALS with syllables se-pa-ra-ted by dash-es

The English translation is in regular text


Brought this one back in my suitcase.  Enjoy!


No Fundo do Mar

For this song, the chorus and solo are the same in their basic format.


No fundo do mar tem pedra

Nooh FOOHN-dooh dooh mahrh tehnh PEH-drah

On the bottom of the sea there are rocks

Embaixo da pedra tem areia

Ehnh-BAYE-shooh dah PEH-drah tehnh ah-REY-ah

Underneath the rocks there is sand

Onde mora Iemanjá

OHN-deeh MOH-rah yay-mahn-ZHAH

Where Iemanjá lives

Minha mãe, minha sereia

MEEHNH-yah maye, MEEHNH-yah seh-RAY-ah

My mother, my mermaid