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Update: Capoeira Video of the Week

This week's video(s) takes us through what may be considered cousin art forms of capoeira. These videos show other people of African descent, in other parts of the new world, participating in their some of their respective pastimes.


These first two videos are from primary sources, meaning they are the actual people at the time participating in the art.

Ag`ya of Martinique


The first two are from Mestre Nenel's work in Bahia at their 2006 formatura. He said these performers are from Ilha da Reuniao. More info to come after the holidays.

According to french wikipedia Moringue came about in Madagascar in the 1700's


And now something from a little closer to our neck of the woods... mardi gras indians singing after a funeral


Finally, from Nigeria, two contemporary accounts about Dambe Boxing. The first is a CNN report on it, and then a link to a raw video of the art which must be viewed at YouTube's website.


click here for Dambe Boxing video #2




Capoeira Video of the Week

This week we have an istallation that illustrates how the music can inform capoeiristas not only about the game and what's going on in the roda, but life in general. Being able to speak and understand Portuguese will only further your interest in capoeira's wisdom and teachings.

Plus an added bonus... name that tune! ;)

From Tamandua...

I was rereading J. Lowell Lewis' Ring of Liberation and I came across this passage that seemed to fit perfectly:

"Older players can sometimes make up in knowledge and efficiency of movement what they lack in speed or strength, thus another song warns:

s: buraco velho = old hole

tem cobra dentro = have snakes inside

...The song above is typical of the form proverbs take in capoeira songs: literally, it describes a fact of nature--old holes have snakes inside. Metaphorically applied to the wiles of an older player, it can be used to warn young ones to beware of older players who often have tricks up their sleeves"