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Capoeira Song of the Week: Alarido na Matriz

You submit the songs. We show you the lyrics, translation, and give some phonetic spelling to help your pronunciation.

The format works like this:

The lyrics in Portuguese are in bold

The phonetic spelling for pronunciation is in italics with the STRESSED SYLLABLES IN ALL CAPITALS with syllables se-pa-ra-ted by dash-es

The English translation is in regular text


Alarido na Matriz

Mestre Boca Rica, Mestre Suassuna


Era domingo esse dia de manhã (2x)

EH-rah doh-MEEHNH-gooh EHS-seeh dia de mahnh-YAH

It was Sunday this morning

Acordei não era cedo

Ah-kohrh-DEY nownh EH-rah SEH-dooh

I woke up early was not

Nas horas daquele dia

Nahs OH-ras dah-KEH-leeh DEEH-ah

At the time on that day

Tava toa por alí

TAH-vah TOH-ah pohrh ah-LEEH

There was nothing around

Sem ter nada por fazer

Sehnh tehrh NAH-dah pohrh fah-ZEHRH

With nothing to do

Quando vi o alarido

KWAHN-dooh veeh ooh ah-lah-REEH-dooh

When I saw the fuss

Lá das bandas da matriz

Lah dahs BAHNH-dahs dah mah-TREEZ

Over there with the bands at the main church

Era um povo que fazia

EH-rah oohnh POH-vooh keeh fah-ZEEH-ah

Being made by a group of people

Em volta do berimbau

Ehnh VOHL-tah dooh beeh-reehnh-BOW  (like "ow that hurt")

Around the berimbau

E pensando lá comigo

Eeh pehnh-SAHNH-dooh la kohnh-MEEH-gooh

And thinking there with me

Lá que vou me divertir

Lah keeh voh meeh deeh-vehrh-TEEHRH

I'm going to enjoy it over there

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find this and other songs on

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New Class Starting at USC!

That's right folks! We have a new class starting at USC on Monday. It will be from 6-7:30pm and will be open to USC students and the general public!

So, if you ever wanted class to start earlier on Mondays now you have an option!

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