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Capoeira Video of the Week

This week:  Dueling Berimbaus from inside and outside of the world of capoeira.

From outside...

Madosini Manqina - Queen of South Africa's Pondoland Music

Madosini, from Langa township outside Cape Town South Africa, is a master story-teller, composer and musician. 

Treating audiences to traditions passed down from generation to generation, Madosini was filmed here playing the Uhadi and Umrhubhe - Rhodes Memorial September 2005.

Naná Vasconcelos

This was brought to us by own our Arquimendes.

From Recife, Brasil, Naná Vasconcelos is a master of percussion, improvisation, and, of course the berimbau.


From inside...

From São Paulo, Brasil, Mestre Suassuna is a world reknown mestre of capoeira.  He also happens to be a gifted musician.

On a contextual note, he is Profesor Xará's mestre (whose batizado we are going to tomorrow SAturday Feb. 11, 2011) in that Mestre Suassuna is the founder of the capoeira group Corão de Ouro which has schools worldwide.  

Of course this list would not be complete without our own mestre, Mestre Acordeon.  

Born in Salvador, Bahia, Brasil, and now living in Berkeley, CA, Mestre is a world reknown musician, teacher, and capoeirista as you all know.  





Capoeira Video of the week

Here we get to see Mestre Olavo from Bahia showing some of what makes him one of the premier berimbau craftsmen in the world.  For those of you that have purchased one of his berimbaus, you know the quality of his work.  

Here is the english translation of what he is saying. Sorry, no subtitles available yet in the movie itself. 

Section I:

I'm an artisan, I am a capoeirista. I work with those kinds of things... with berimbau... with capoeira... with the music of capoeira. Making artisanal musical instruments like atabaque, pandeiro, reco reco. Musical instruments of capoeira. 

Section II:

So that's it... One person learning, teaching the other... We see that I might be good at what one thing... My friend Guatambu might be good at one thing... Mestre Acordeon might be good at one thing... Macarrão might be good at one thing... Same for my friend over there... One teaches the other. I teach Guatambu, and Guatambu teaches me, and the same is true for my friend... What's your name? -Reinaldo -Reinaldo. It's always that way. I have never stopped learning. You have people that will say, 'I'm good. I am a mestre. I know all there is to know.' Nobody knows everything. Maybe I am good at something, but then I might see something new. It will get me curious. One can never stop learning. You'll have things the I do that Guatambu doesn't do, and the opposite is true. He's newer in capoeira than me, so he has different things that he might be accustomed to doing... Things I may have never seen. So I learn from him, and he learns from me. So, in capoeira you never have the best... You always have one enriching the other.


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Mestre Pastinha Playing Capoeira (Unedited)

I found this while searching youtube, and Tamandua said it obviously made the cut for this week's capoeira video.  Mestre Pastinha and his group CECA playing capoeira.  Check out Mestre Pastinha's toe tap in the back ginga ginga...  Bonus, see if you can spot Mestre Joao Pequeno!

There is nothing wrong with your sound... it is silent.  

The documentary was produced in Bahia, Brasil by the historian of folklore Alceu Maynard in 1950.

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UCAinLA Dance History Class Presentation

We had a great time together with LACC's Dance History with our capoeira presentation.  The students and teachers had some great questions about capoeira, and everyone learned something.  

Thanks for putting it together Risos!  Let's do it again soon!