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Capoeira Fitness Tip of the Week

This feature is designed to give you functional training tools for your off days when you are not training capoeira. We will be looking at various exercises that we will have as resources for you to devise a strategy for your overall physical development as a capoeirista.

The goals are:

Overall Physical Health

Promoting Longevity

Improved Performance in your capoeira training and game

These abdominal exercises have been part of my routine for years.  They are extremely effective for what we do in capoeira.  Plus you can get a six pack like the guy in the video! 

Pay close attention to the video as there is no narration of the exercises.  The video and the movements give you everything you need.  I was looking at others that were over the top with explanation. 

To build up to these exercises, if you need (which is totally normal if they are new for you), you can always substitute bent knees for straight legs, and reduce the range of motion of the exercise.  Your kicks and such will improve. 

Remember patience and gradual progress are your friends when trying to build the kind of strength we use in capoeira.  Imagine where you will be in not too long with the conditioning we do at the end of class!  Woohooo!