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Capoeira Wiki-Word of the Week: Trocar Idéia (Update)

This feature is designed to spark your interest in researching the world of capoeira's vocabulary, history, and philosophy.

Our Capoeira Wiki-Word series invites you to research the word of the week and post your definition(s) and translations. At the end of each week, the entries will be reviewed and then summarized into a translation and a definition of the Capoeira Wiki-Word of the week.

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This week's Capoeira Wiki-Word is:

Trocar Idéia


Don't forget to cite your sources!



Trocar Idéia literally translates to English as "exchange idea."

A human interaction that is about as old as they come.  Of course when it comes to capoeira, those with more time are going to have more ideas to exchange with you.  So brush up your portuguese and go trocar idéia with as many older mestres as you can!