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Capoeira Wiki-Word of the Week: Galopante (Update)

This feature is designed to spark your interest in researching the world of capoeira's vocabulary, history, and philosophy.

Our Capoeira Wiki-Word series invites you to research the word of the               week and post your definition(s) and translations. At the   end    of      each    week, the entries will be reviewed and then    summarized   into  a        translation and a definition of the Capoeira     Wiki-Word  of  the   week.

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This week's Capoeira Wiki-Word is:



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Galopante literally translates to "galloping" in english, as in "the horse is galloping." 

However, that doesn't translate to what it means for us as capoeiristas...

Galopante is an open hand palm strike.  You can see pretty well what that looks like in the video above (you may want to turn down the volume for the music in that video), and the image of various strikes shown above gives you a sense of its target/application.

It's an effective hand strike, and for those that may not know, there are hand strikes in capoeira.

Galopante is present as one of the movements in Mestre Bimba's sequencia, so it's a long standing part of the capoeira physical vocabulary.