Beginners Series

$40 unlimited Beginners Classes for 1 Month

'Fundamentals', 'Capoeria Conditioning', and 'Roda' are open to all students. 

'Advanced' are open to students with Corda Verde/Amarelo and up. 


Please Note:  Attendance will be taken at all instruction based classes which include 'Kids', 'Fundamentals', 'Advanced', and 'The Lab'.  Students must attend instruction based classes an average of 2 times per week if they wish to progress normally through the Corda system we offer. 


*** Kids ages 7 and up may attend the 'Fundamentals', 'Capoeira Conditioning', and 'Roda' with Professor Guatambu's permission. ***


Please arrive 15 minutes early for class to take care of any basic paperwork and payment.  All you need is yourself, some loose fitting pants, a white t-shirt, and some water. 



The following classes help deepen your capoeira knowledge and experience:



This is where everyone starts, and even those with many years of capoeira come to keep their foundation solid.  Don't be fooled into thinking this is a "beginners" class.  This is where we hone the student's skills and knowledge on the century old methodology of Mestre Bimba, Mestre Acordeon's teacher, which has produced millions of excellent capoeiristas over the last century, including many of the most influential Mestres in the world.  We combine this with Mestre Acordeon's own approach to developing capoeiristas developed over a life long love of the art of capoeira.


Here we bring many of the various aspects of contemporary capoeira in all its forms.  This class has its consistent elements universal to each class designed to keep the capoeirista sharp and ready to play combined with changing elements to broaden students understanding of the amazing richness of today's capoeira global landscape.

Capoeira Conditioning

The concept behind this class focuses on three main areas:  performance, health, and the modern lifestyle.  With over 20 years of education and experience in these realms, this curriculum of this class will be an integral tool to any capoeira student looking to be at their very best in the Roda and in life.  These classes will be the perfect complement to any motivated student's exercise routine.  They are included at no additional charge.


The Roda is ultimate expression of everything that is capoeira.  The game of capoeira happens here.  It is joy, an escape, a home, a world unto itself, and many refer to it as a microcosm of life.  This is why a capoeirista physically trains in class day in and day out.  This is why we practice the music day in and day out.  To sum it up, it is the best part!

Music Class

This class is an excellent way to build your skills in capoeira music meeting on Saturdays at 1pm for 45 minutes.  We work on different aspects of capoeira's musical landscape each week.  Each student is encouraged and given specific areas to work on for the week as homework to be reviewed the next class.  Our capoeira music class is included in your monthly dues at no additional charge. 

The Lab

We are excited about this new class!  In addition to your regular capoeira training, we offer an additional acrobatics focused class.  This class includes both instruction on acrobatic elements in a safe and fun environment, as well as open gym time to experiment with moves of your own.  It is currently once a week on Saturdays from 2:30-3:30pm and is included in your monthly dues at no additional charge.