Beginners Series

$40 unlimited Beginners Classes for 1 Month

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Please arrive 15 minutes early for class to take care of any basic paperwork and payment.  All you need is yourself, some loose fitting pants, a white t-shirt, and some water. 


Open to all students, the following classes help broaden your capoeira:

Music Class

This class is an excellent way to build your skills in capoeira music meeting on Saturdays at 1pm for 45 minutes.  We work on different aspects of capoeira's musical landscape each week.  Each student is encouraged and given specific areas to work on for the week as homework to be reviewed the next class.  Our capoeira music class is included in your monthly dues at no additional charge. 

The Lab

We are excited about this new class!  In addition to your regular capoeira training, we offer an additional acrobatics focused class.  This class includes both instruction on acrobatic elements in a safe and fun environment, as well as open gym time to experiment with moves of your own.  It is currently once a week on Saturdays from 2-4pm and is included in your monthly dues at no additional charge.